Thursday, May 2, 2013

Google Glass will usher in amazing technology, wearable computers

The Google Glass technology appears to be truly amazing. We have been hearing bits and pieces about this hi-tech device that you wear like glasses, but more information is starting to filter out about the capabilities and how this technology might fit into our daily routines.

This is what happens when a bunch of engineers and software developers get together to design something that we don't know we need. But as we learn more about the Google Glass device, I'm sure you'll want one. I know I do.

A room full of these guys gathered in Austin recently to listen to a Google guru explain the Google Glass concept and how to approach writing applications for the upcoming technological wonder.

If the final product actually works like the demonstration, it'll be revolutionary and Google will be an innovation leader in the mobile display of information. I hope they will be affordable, because I imagine they won't be cheap. But I like what I see coming down the pike.

The Google Glass device is designed to not be in the way of your normal vision. The apparatus that presents the information is in a heads-up-like display will be just above your right eye. You'll have to look up slightly and to the right to view a mini display.

Most of the controls will be along the right handle, which is significantly thicker than the left handle. That's where you'll tap and swipe back and forth like we do on smartphones and tablets. I assume there will be an option with the control handle on the left side for southpaws. Now the fun begins.

You will be able to give voice commands, such as "record a video" or "take a picture." This means that since you're already wearing the device, you can capture just about all your activities hands-free, such as recreational sports and other events.


Another voice command will bring back a Google search for information to be displayed as images or a text summary. This feature will be invaluable for doing research while on the go or if you're involved in something and not near a computer. So I assume the Google Glass device will have built-in Internet access with a data plan or Wi-Fi capability.

Receiving text messages and email will be a given and you'll reply by voice command, as will getting news headlines throughout the day, which can be read to you if you so desire. Yes, audio will be another feature that will be available, so maybe you'll be able to let the music play.

Google also says photos taken with Glass can be shared, with the popular online note-management site Evernote taking center stage. The idea is to use Skitch to interface with Evernote.

The Google Glass technology is still in the early stages of development, but the marketing has started and developers are hard at work building the future through managing technology and exploring how information is displayed.

This concept could be so cool that I can't imagine all the other technology heavyweights like Apple, Samsung and Microsoft staying on the sidelines very long, along with all the others that I didn't mention. I'm sure Apple will come out with something like iGlass to compete with the "Big G." While Galaxy S Glass from Samsung would have a nice ring to it, a name like Windows 8 Glass also could be a good fit if Microsoft jumped into this arena. With the smart watches arriving soon, and smart glasses on our eyes at some point, we will truly be wearing our computers.

As cyborg as it sounds, I can barely wait.

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