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AI software can now paint like the Old Masters

If you have any doubt about the capability of Artificial Intelligence, then these techniques of analyzing personal styles, shapes, and colors to replicate painting of the Old Masters should cause a knee-jerk reaction.

In a really interesting application of AI that will likely attract the attention of the fine arts community, the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands announced an exhibition of 40 images created by the AI program Midjourney.

What makes this special is aside from being the first art show created by AI, it’s also reveals how the world’s greatest Impressionists and Surrealism artists from 19th and 20th century, Van Gogh, Monet, and Picasso, might would have depicted the Faroe landscapes.

The group of 18 Islands are located 400 miles off the coast of Scotland in the North Atlantic and offer breathtaking views from every angle.

The raw and untouched environment would have offered tremendous inspiration to the canvas of the renowned art masters, but It is believed to have been too remote and inaccessible to them. So we could only imagine what their painting would have looked like.

But after analyzing billions of painting, including the their work, with the Midjourney technology to capture shapes, colors, mood, and personal style, now we have a good idea of what the Old Masters might have painted had they had a chance to visit these unique island and study the stunning scenery.

I’ll imagine fine artists and illustrators will find the use of AI in creating art to be both fascinating and unnerving. It’s innovation at the finest level, but to mimic one’s style and technique to create an original painting is beyond imagination.

The AI technology is becoming smarter and can now paint masterpieces using the same techniques and brush strokes used by master artists from centuries ago.

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Windows 11 integrating Teams Chat features

One of the big new features with the upcoming release of Windows 11 for business is the integration pf Teams Chat, which will be available for select testers on an early preview build of the new software.

The new feature will be available on the Taskbar for a trial run. According to Microsoft, it will allow communications with family, friends and coworkers through a “dedicated chat flyout” with WebView, a new Teams client.

Some of the new features will include:

• Quick access by clicking the Chat icon in the taskbar (or WIN+C for the keyboard shortcut).
• Native notifications and the ability to respond instantly to inline chats.
• Simple invites for family, friends and others to connect with you.
• Syncing of contacts from Skype or Outlook and mobile devices using the Teams mobile app.
• Utilize a link via email to share invites for others to join chats or a video call.

The Teams Chat feature will be available for elect users in the beginning. But be on the lookout as more users are added to the rollout. You just might be one of the lucky few.

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IoT is digital transformation, AI, innovation

If you haven't heard about IoT, you soon will and stay tuned, as it’s likely to be the next big thing.

This technology is known as the "Internet of Things" (IoT) and will be connecting your mobile devices, your home and even your favorite applications to the internet for data analytics and useful information.

It’s so important that leaders of this digital world will be meeting in Barcelona for the fifth IoT Solutions World Congress October 29 – 30. The international event of over 400 exhibitors, along with 200 sessions, is being pitched as the largest gathering of minds focused on innovations, digital transformations, and artificial intelligence.

As this group study this disruptive technology and its useful purposes, billions of devices are being deployed to become “systems of systems” and transform the way we live and interact with data.

All the big names in the tech industry will be attendance and just because you are hanging out in the hallway, you might run into representatives from Dell, Ericsson, Google cloud, Huawei, IBM Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and more.

While the IoT ecosystem continues to evolve, routine tasks like shopping and common tech sectors like medical devices, energy generation, and consumption, are about to become connected intelligence in vast data systems.

The information superhighway that was coined in the 90s is now very real.

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GoDaddy's SmartLine business phone number

The folks at GoDaddy Inc. have a solution for the small business owners in need of a dedicated business phone number. Their SmartLine technology is ready to accept calls.

By using the SmartLine app on your mobile phone, small businesses will have the features of a professional office phone from your pocket or purse. Using this app, you can separate your personal and business calls.

This technology works by providing a business line with a local number based on the area code. The SmartLine number can be used as your contact information on your social media accounts, business cards and other marketing avenues. It’ll also send and receive text messages.

"Traditionally, small business owners would have to go out and purchase another mobile phone or fixed line phone for their business, which is cumbersome and expensive," said GoDaddy Senior Vice President and General Manager of Telephony Barry Saik. "SmartLine is defined by its simplicity. Setup only takes a matter of minutes and customers can then manage their entire professional phone system directly from their smartphone."

The SmartLine app is available for the iPhone and Android devices by using your existing cellular data plan to make and receive calls.

You’ll have a choice between a basic plan, which is free for one month and $3.99 monthly for 100 minutes and 100 text messages, or $9.99 monthly with unlimited minutes and messaging.

As GoDaddy continues to improve their SmartLine technology, there are plans to offer paid features like vanity numbers and toll-free numbers in the near future.

Another option in the second mobile line arena is Google Voice, which also offers free calls, text messages, and the ability to read voice mail messages. Google Voice is free to Gmail users and can be linked to any mobile or landline number.

With these dedicated line and voice-mail services, a small business can step into the ring with the big guys using sophisticated mobile phone communications.

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Salesforce Service Cloud gets top honors

Salesforce Service Cloud honors San Francisco Forrester Marketing Einstein AI Artificial Intelligence
If you choose Salesforce as your go-to Customer Relation Manager, or CRM, you picked a winner.

The San Francisco company, with offices in Europe and Asia, strives to empower companies to connect with their customers in a whole new way, and has announced the Salesforce Service Cloud was named a leader by Forrester Research in its report The Forrester Wave.™

According to Salesforce, the global company received the highest scores among all evaluated vendors in the strategy and market presence categories. The report states that, "Salesforce is a Leader in the evaluation with its continued momentum in making large, complex customer service deals."

The report also notes Salesforce's is powered by Einstein AI, which uses artificial intelligence to become smarter from data and deliver predictions and recommendations unique to the customer's business processes.

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Enhanced digital gradebook for teachers

Blackboard Inc. and announced a partnership to deliver a best-in-class digital gradebook and portfolio for K-12 educators. The unique offering will provide teachers and parents with deeper insights into student performance, helping every learner reach their full potential.

The platform will complement Blackboard's existing offerings designed to enhance learning and will integrate with Blackboard Web Community Manager (WCM), Blackboard's robust, dependable and reliable community engagement platform. It is designed to give teachers access to new formative and summative assessment tracking tools, while giving parents and students access to grades, assignments, and other important classroom information. allows teachers to provide context to a student's grade, helping them create a learning portfolio aligned with academic standards in lieu of just a transcript. Educators receive a comprehensive overview of students coming into their classroom, making it easier to hone their abilities from day one.

For more information on the Blackboard and partnership, click here.

Goodwill app updated, ready for donations

Goodwill app Donations iOS Android Mobile Jobs Training Locator Google Play Financial Gift
Since there is an app for just everything, Goodwill Industries International has upgraded its free Goodwill Locator app for constant connectivity to the mission of giving.

Now users on iOS and Android mobile devices can stay up to date on donation centers, stores, and job training centers through stories and updates available in the app.

Launched two years ago, the Goodwill Locator app now has more than 5,000 stores and donation centers' locations and includes videos on how the lives of individuals have been changed through donations. A financial gift can also be made using the app.

The latest version of the Goodwill app is free via Google Play and coming soon in the Apple Store, pending approval. Or you can visit the Goodwill website for the latest update.

With the Goodwill app, you can use your mobile devices to make a difference in this world.

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Todist app now available for Apple Watch

From your morning commute, to afternoon meetings, to your evening hobbies, Todoist for Apple Watch keeps your tasks closer than ever.

See how our new Apple Watch app can increase your mobile productivity with amazing on-the-go notifications and powerful to-do list capabilities. In our blog post, you’ll also find exclusive insider details on how iMore’s Senior Editor, Ally Kazmucha, has been using Todoist on her Apple Watch for the past two weeks.
Read more here about the Todist app

Kapture wristband saves 60 seconds of audio

I think I’m going to like the always-on recording technology that’s coming down the pikes, but I’m not so sure everyone else will wave at it, especially if you’re the one unknowingly being recorded.

Kapture Wristband Recording Audio Klip 60 Seconds
That’s what Kapture has in mind with their wearable wristband technology that’ll save the last 60 seconds of anything you hear and deem worth saving.

A Cincinnati, Ohio, company has developed a wristband-like device that you simply tap when you hear something worth saving, which will send 60 seconds of the previous audio to your smartphone via Bluetooth. At the point, you can keep the audio file, or “klip,” for yourself or send along to someone else.

The question of privacy immediately comes to mind, as it is common knowledge that the other person should know on the front end they are being recorded. But the developers take on this issue is the Kapture device comes in several bright colors to be noticeable and an indicator light to signal that it’s on or off.

They also suggest “letting others around you know what’s going on.” Hopefully, the person being recorded will be thrilled they said something profound enough to be worth saving. I’m not sure that’ll be enough to satisfy everyone though.

As I see it, the Kapture wristband recorder can also be used for other tasks beside recording another person. It’ll be handy for practicing music, saving your own random ideas, business meetings notes and for us men, the infamous grocery list in your wife’s own voice. That alone would be priceless.

We’ll just have to wait and see how the Kapture device does in the marketplace after an anticipated debut during the month of December.

In the meantime, the Kapture device can be preordered for around $100 now, which is a savings of $50 for early birds who can hardly wait.

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GoPlug Power Bag provides power on the go

If you're like most digital warriors, you have the problem of running out of juice for your devices during a busy day, especially while traveling. It seems that there are never enough outlets in airports or train stations for your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other digital equipment.

A Salt Lake City company hopes to solve this problem with their GoPlug Power Bag, which has just been introduced on Kickstarter, a social media crowd-funding website.

The GoPlug Power Bag is designed to look like a piece of luggage, but it has a built-in 12-volt Lithium Polymer battery, with a three-prong outlet and two USB ports. The setup has the capacity to charge a smartphone up to six times or a tablet or laptop twice. The outlet box swivels, which allows devices to be charged from outside or inside the bag.

According to the company, the lightweight and water resistant bags can also hold clothing and other travel essentials. A backpack carry-on-size roller bag also will be available, along with models outfitted for cameras, lenses and other photo equipment.

The GoPlug Power Bags will go from $199 to $459 and can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter.

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Mimoto Pen vows handwritten notes to digital

Are you ready for a fancy pen that will capture everything you write on paper and export it your iPad, iPhone, Android devices, BlackBerry or even Mac and PC desktops.

That's what the new Mimoto Pen, being launched by a Philadelphia tech startup, is aiming to do by using ultrasound and infared sensors to detect motion and record your handwriting directly into mobile devices.

According to the developers, the smart pen will look and write just like any other ballpoint pen and works through Bluetooth by placing a receiver on the top of the page you're writing on and launching a Mimoto Pen app on you mobile device. It will also act as a stylus when attached to a desktop computer or laptop.

The Mimoto Pen, which has been in development for over a year, is planning a launch on Kickstarter and will soon be available for preorder.

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Marriott offers mobile job listing site

If you're looking for a job, the Marriott International hotel chain is making it as easy as grabbing your mobile device and checking out their mobile job listing website.

According to Marriott, they are the only hospitality company to offer this digital service as a way to connect with potential hires.

The mobile job site is available on all smartphones, feature phones and tablets in six languages, including English, Spanish, and French, with additional languages launching in March.

Marriott is hoping to reach professionals and millennials who rely on their mobile devices to connect with potential employers. Candidates can visit or to search and apply for jobs.

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Waze app offers GPS and traffic reports

The Waze app for Android and iOS devices combines GPS navigation with community-based traffic reporting and road conditions. As drivers commute back and forth, accidents, traffic jams, closures and other traffic hazards can be reported in real-time to let others know the best route to work and back. Click here for a full review.

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NFL Mobile app ready for live action

Football season is here and as long as you have your smartphone or tablet close by, you’ll be able to follow live game action exclusively on Verizon Wireless using the NFL Mobile app.

Through a partnership with the National Football League, the app will offer live streaming of Thursday night, Sunday night and Monday night games on the iPhone and Android devices. Verizon’s customers will also have access to the NFL Network and the NFL Redzone Channel, as well as an option for Verizon prepaid customers for $5 per month.

The two packages available – NFL Mobile Premium and NFL Mobile Basic – include live weekly games, Sunday afternoon touchdown and key league events in the premium version. The basic version has video-on-demand, news, scores, league standing, live scoring and Facebook integration.

The NFL Mobile apps are available online in the Apps Store and Google play. With these apps providing “football on the go,” you shouldn’t miss any of the game action this season.

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Verizon, Cox offers bundled services

Wrap Text around Image It seems that the bundling of phone, Internet, video and wireless services is here to stay, as more and more consumers go for the convenience of a bundled bill.

Verizon Wireless and Cox Communications are two of the latest wireless and broadband communication giants to offer combined services. Their customers in South Louisiana and the Florida Panhandle areas can purchase Cox Communications video, Internet and home phone services from either company. This deal also includes 4G LTE wireless services.

The two companies hope to "bolster the value of their services and address customers' desires for greater mobility and flexibility" in connecting with customers.

Verizon and Cox, which is the third largest U.S. cable TV provider, began selling each combined services in 2012 and now would like for their "on the go" and "inside the home" customers to benefit from their entertainment and communications offerings.

As icing on the cake, new customers may be eligible for a Visa prepaid debit card that has a value of up to $100. Happy shopping.
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The lowly file cabinet is going hi-tech

Wrap Text around Image Even the low-tech office file cabinet is going to get a dose of hi-tech innovation, as more home and office automation products arrive on the scene.

Keeler, a division of Belwith Products, has plans to unveil the first office locking system that utilizes Bluetooth technology to work directly with your smartphone to provide a locking and unlocking solution.

This technology will allow the lowly, but effective, office cabinet to lock when the user leaves the room and unlock again when the user is within a certain predetermined proximity.

The file cabinet will get instructions from a SecuRemote BLE app when the user taps lock and unlock icons on the smartphone display. A SecuRemote office lock will be installed in the file cabinet with just a screwdriver and will run up to two years on four AA batteries.

A remote system for a garage door is already available and plans are already in the works to control entry doors, gates and other devices using a smartphone app.

As this locking technology emerges, I can imagine leaving home and the front door locks as I drive away and unlocks as I return and exit the vehicle. No more lost keys.

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C Spire offers $50 unlimited rate plan

Wrap Text around Image How does a rate plan of $50 for unlimited talk and texting sound, based on how you use your smartphone?

That's what C Spire Wireless is rolling out for their customers, which will allow the users to select unlimited voice and data elements to fit their digital lifestyes.

There is also a $80 Unlimited Lite plan that offers unlimited talk, text and picture messages, Web and online music and 30 minutes of online video. If that's not enough, a $100 Unlimited plan offers unlimited talk, text, picture messaging, Web and online music and video. To sweeten the pot further, a second line can be added for $50.

Although C Spire launched shared data plans earlier in the year, the unlimited options remain popular, and they expect the trend to gain wider popularity with the $50 second-line option.

C Spire officials are saying these unlimited plans offer customers the price and service options to allow them to use their devices the way they want without bill shock or worry and uncertainty. In other words, you'll have peace of mind.

According to C Spire, these unlimited plans are unique in the U.S. wireless industry and offer better values than their competitors.
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Verizon to host innovation awards

Wrap Text around Image Small and mid-sized businesses in southeast Louisiana have the chance to grab a "Wireless Technology Innovation Award" that has a $10,000 prize for the best wireless innovation.

Verizon Wireless is accepting entries April 1 through August 31 of this year for businesses, non-profit groups and other organizations who are passionate about improving efficiency, saving money and elevating the satisfaction of their customers.

“Mobile technology is dramatically changing the ways small and mid-sized businesses operate,” said Krista Bourne, president - Houston/Gulf Coast Region, Verizon Wireless. “More than ever before, wireless technology can help businesses innovate, serve customers better, save time and cut costs."

Bourne also says the Wireless Technology Innovation Awards highlight the creativity regional businesses and showcase the best practices that are making them more successful year over year. Other corporate sponsors include Alcatel Lucent, Samsung, and Blackberry.

The grand prize winner in the contest will earn a $10,000 cash and one runner-up organization will earn $5,000. An awards ceremony is set for October 22 at The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans.
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A smarter case for your smartphone

Wrap Text around Image The smartphone case is getting smarter, with a QR code built into the case and free mobile app.

One of the latest case innovations is from Findables, a company founded in 2011 that is focused on cool and practical products. Their one-piece snap case for the iPhone 5 has the ability to share social and business profiles, as well as a Lost mode for misplaced phones.

The free mobile app for Android and iOS allows users to link social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, which can be shared with others by scanning the QR Code.

The Findables case, which has a poly-carbonate hard shell with a soft-touch finish, comes in seven colors and is available for around $29.95 online and in select retail stores.
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Apple set for WWDC in San Francisco

Wrap Text around Image Apple has announced this year's Worldwide Developers Conference, which will be held June 10 through June 14 at the San Francisco's Moscone West center.

The five-day conference is typically a gathering place for iOS and OS X developers from all over the world, where they'll explore new innovations and the latest Apple operating systems technology.

Apple also has used WWDC conference in the past to unveil new iPhones, as the 3GS was announced in June 2008 and the iPhone 4 in June 2010. Although there are no rumblings at this point as to whether we'll see a new iPhone 5S during the conference, I'll bet developers will have the chance to get a sneak peek at iOS 7, which will likely run the next iPhone.

We'll just have to wait and see what technological ideas the Apple engineers and developers cook up this year.
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Verizon posts strong 1Q earnings

Wrap Text around Image Verizon Communications Inc. reported strong 2013 first-quarter earning of 68 cents in earnings per share, compared with first-quarter earning of 59 cents per share one year ago during the same period.

The earnings are attributed to records margins in their wireless devision, along with growth in the wireline and global networks segments.

“Verizon is off to an excellent start in 2013,” said Lowell McAdam, Verizon chairman and CEO.  “Our strategic investments in wireless, wireline and global networks have given us the platforms to sustain momentum and take advantage of growth opportunities in key markets for broadband, video and cloud services."

With smartphones accounting for more than 61 percent of the retail postpaid customer base, the company continues to enhance its 4G LTE device lineup with tablets and other devices.
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C Spire to offer Samsung Galaxy S 4

Wrap Text around Image The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S 4 is coming to C Spire Wireless this summer.

Samsung's latest smartphone was announce in a broadway-show-like performance on March 14 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

The Galaxy S 4 will have a five-inch display and run Android 4.2.2, also known as Jelly Bean. Under the hood, you'll find a 1.9 gigahertz quad-core processor with two gigabytes of RAM and a 2600 mAh removable battery.

C Spire will add "a suite of built-in applications and software designed to deliver on the company's promise of a unique and personalized wireless experience."

Company officials say exact pricing and retail availability will be disclosed in the coming weeks. Customers can be notified when the Galaxy S 4 is available by registering here.

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