Tuesday, October 16, 2018

MBC Connect app offers information for breast cancer patients

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is when breast cancer charities organize an annual international health campaign to increase awareness.
The Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance has launched MBC Connect, an iOS and Android app to assist patients with building a database of patient information to drive research and seek solutions for the MBC community.

MBC Connect is an interactive patient registry designed specifically for people with stage IV or metastatic breast cancer (MBC) or advanced breast cancer
MBC Connect app
The features of the app, which is designed by patients, for patients, include access to an interactive patient registry and capabilities to explore patient data, as well as create a link between patients, clinical trials and relevant research.

"MBC Connect is designed to address some very serious challenges in the MBC community," said Marc Hurlbert, Chairman, MBC Alliance. "It not only represents an opportunity to unlock the mysteries of a marginalized patient population, it also represents significant opportunity for a disease that's only received a fraction of breast cancer research funding."


MBC Connect app provides clinical trials information

Stage IV MBC is categorized as having spread beyond the breast to the bones, lung, liver, brain or other body organs. It is considered treatable but not curable.

According to the MBC Alliance, existing cancer registries do not count metastatic recurrences, and few patients participate in clinical trials. The MBC Connect app gives patients and caregivers a platform to update their information, respond to short surveys and create a holistic treatment profile. The app’s users will receive information on breast cancer news and events, personalized insights, and possible clinical trial opportunities.

MBC Connect app data is encrypted, HIPPA compliant

As for security and privacy concerns, all patient data is encrypted and stored in HIPAA-compliant database that can be accessed here.

The patient app is currently available in the App store or Google Play, with plans to launch in four more countries in 2019. More information is available here.


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Google Home Hub muscles up to Amazon's Echo Show

It looks like the Amazon Alexa has some company, with the Google Home Hub arriving on the scene to muscle up to the Echo Show.

This is Google’s version of a touchscreen smart display device announced at their new products shindig on October 9, 2018, in the Big Apple, or New York for some of us. It’ll sport a seven-inch screen and Google Assistant for voice commands.

Google Home Hub loaded with features

Among the other features are access to your Google calendar, reminders, shopping list and more. For smart-home fans, it’ll also tap into your Nest security cameras, Nest Hello video doorbell, lights and even the television. The display will dim at night and brighten up while the coffee is brewing in the morning.

Spotify, Google Home Hub, Alexa, Music, Pandora, iHeart
For inquiring minds, you can ask questions and get visual answers on weather, recipes of course, and videos from YouTube. And what’s a fancy smart device without music from your favorite songs, artists and streaming services, such as Pandora and Spotify. Google is saying all of this will be free of charge, along with six months of YouTube Premium.

We all have tons of photos and you can simply use your voice to show your favorites from Google Photos. For starters, just try “Hey Google, show my vacation photos.”

Google Home Hub muscles up to Amazon's Echo Show

Google Home Hub is affordable

For around $150, a seven-inch display, Bluetooth and Far-Field voice recognition would not break the bank. According to Google, the full-range speaker has crystal clear sound.

Out of the four color that’ll be available, including sand, aqua and chalk, I’ll choose charcoal, but that’s just me. There might be some sand color fans around.

Google Home Hub not alone in its debut

It’s not hard to find on popular online retailer’s websites and is already available for preorder.

For hardcore Google fans, they also announced a new Pixel 3 phone that was not a big surprise, due to previous leaks, and a Pixel Slate tablet.

Alexa, order the Google Home Hub.

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