Monday, September 21, 2015

OtterBox cases offer ultimate protection for new iPhones

The OtterBox line of protective cases for the iPhones have become legendary and the latest choices for the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are on track to continue to provide maximum protection for your devices.

The Defender, Commuter, Symmetry and Strada series are now available and an Alpha Glass screen protector option is coming soon.

According to OtterBox, their cases undergo 24 tests over more than 238 hours to protect against the scratches, dings and drops of daily life. Whether a toddler has your brand new iPhone 6 or you go four-wheeling, OtterBox says you need not worry - they’re built for you and your lifestyle.

The cases even face the “purse test” to fend off scratches from keys, wallets and whatever else an iPhone may come in contact with in a woman’s purse.

The OtterBox for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are available now at the company’s website and select retailers. Cases for the iPad Pro and iPad mini 4 are also in the works.

If you’re looking for the ultimate protection for your new iPhone, the OtterBox cases should be on your list.

Fast charging devices unveiled from mPower Technologies

The next time you have a dead car battery, instead of grabbing the tangled jumper cables from your trunk, you can grab a device about the size of a TV remote from your glove compartment.

The mPower Jump, manufactured by mPower Technologies, has a 600 amp peak-current rating and packs enough power to jump-start most 12-volt batteries in autos, marine equipment, recreational vehicles, ATVs and small tractors.

The 13000mAh battery in the unit will take about four hours to charge and will have a “jump start current” of 300A, while weighing in at 1.52 pounds. The cost is around $100 and is now available.

This company, which is the consumer products subsidiary of mPhase Technologies, Inc., also is working on their mPower FastCharge device/ The unit will have fast charging backup power capability for cellphones, tablets and cameras. According to the company, the device will fast charge in six minutes through a 12V car cigarette lighter.

The 6000mAh battery, with a weight of slightly more than a half-pound, is designed for on-the-go charging of your electronics when no wall power is available.

The new FastCharge will come in multiple color options and retail pricing will be released soon.