Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jackery Jewel Lightning Power Cable offers charging, spare battery

Anytime you can combine two functions into one is a plus in the technology world. That's why having a charging cable and battery together is probably going to be a big hit.

The Jackery Jewel 2-in-1 Lightning Power Cable with an integrated battery is being pitched as the first ever Apple certified product to have this capability for extending iPhones' and iPads' battery power.

The innovative cable from this Silicon Valley company can be charged from any USB outlet and also can be used to transfer files to computers or other devices.

If you have an Apple device low on power, the Jackery Jewel can muster up an additional 20 percent of extra power and is rated at keeping an iPhone 6S charged for up to three extra hours of standby time.

The cable is 39.4 inches in length, with the battery and circuit board inside a rugged plastic shell. A built-in LED gives battery information with red, green or blue levels, while also flashing in charging mode until completely charged.

The cost is a reasonable $19.99 from a company whose mission includes "empowering people on the go" and is available now on Amazon.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Knock twice for a quick look inside this LG InstaView refrigerator

The technology of kitchen appliances is certainly not going to take a back seat to smartphones and smartwatches. Smart-refrigerators are on the way.

LG Electronics is pushing kitchen technology forward with their InstaView feature on four new refrigerators coming soon to select retailers.

Using a sleek glass panel that illuminates with two knocks, you'll be able to take a peek inside without opening the door.  If you see something enticing, the item can be accessed without opening the entire refrigerator. To prevent the loss of cold air, LG has incorporated a barrier between the interior compartment and the rest of the refrigerator.

Although the door-in-door feature has been around for a while, LG's InstaView technology adds another level of innovation. Shoppers can start knocking on LG's hi-tech refrigerator doors in September for around $4,500.

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