Thursday, April 18, 2019

Samsung takes the stage with Galaxy Fold, S10 line, 5G networks

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a slender smartphone when folded, but opens up to a 7.3-inch display with content on both screens for a tablet-like experience.
There is a lot of innovation happening in the Samsung camp, with the release of the Galaxy Fold and the upcoming Galaxy S10 5G. The Galaxy Fold is already out in the wild for early adopters with mixed reviews and 5G on the Galaxy S10 will be available in May. The Galaxy Fold is being pitched as one of greatest groundbreaking devices and Samsung is thinking it will change the mobile landscape. According to Samsung, their engineers created over 1,000 prototypes while creating a revolutionary device with new technologies and materials for a tablet-like experience.

But some early users are reporting problems with the display showing cracks along the crease between the two screens. We’ll have to see how Samsung responds to these complaints and whether a serious defect has been discovered right out of the gate.

Update: The Galaxy Fold was supposed to be available in the U.S.on April 26. But after reports of display issues from early users, Samsung is delaying the launch indefinitely. According to the company, a new release date will be announced in the coming weeks.

And as of May 21, electronics retail giant Best Buy has cancelled all preorders for the Galaxy Fold. There is still no indication of a new launch date for the ill-fated smartphone.

When folded, with a distinctive, perhaps magnetic, click, the unique design Galaxy Fold is a slender or tall, display for regular content on the front side and triple camera lens the back side of the phone. The home screen can show three apps in a row on the narrow display. It can be conveniently slipped into a purse or inside coat pocket.

When the Galaxy Fold is fully opened, it locks in position and there is a 7.3-inch display allowing content to fill both screens and approaches the size of a tablet with a spacious digital keyboard when needed. Samsung and Google collaborated on a feature named App Continuity which allows whatever content that was on the slender, folded display, to suddenly fill both sides of the display in the open position. Two forward-facing cameras occupy a corner of the unfolded display.

When the displays are fully open, the 7.3-inch size can show five apps icons across and six down, for a total of around 30 apps to choose from. Three apps can be opened for multitasking.

If you’re hungry to get your hands on the Galaxy Fold, it’ll be available on April 26 at select AT&T, Best Buy and Samsung Experience stores. You’ll need around $2,000 you probably won’t get any change back.

Major wireless carriers in South Korea are rolling out the 5G wireless service on the Samsung Galaxy S10 with promises of faster speeds and connectivity.

More speed is on the horizon as 5G debuts in South Korea and around the world

Another Samsung showcase is just around the corner, dressing up as 5G wireless service, and promising unheard-of speed and connectivity from major carriers in South Korea.

As 5G is rolled out around the world, Samsung will have the Galaxy S10 5G standing by to take advantage of the new wireless power. According to Samsung, users will experience hyper-fast movies, streaming of games, and faster handling of photos and videos.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 line uses innovative design with bright, prism colors to attract a new generation of Millennials and Gen Z consumers.

Prism colors, luxurious materials to bring attention to Galaxy S10 line

As for the Galaxy S10 line, a lot of thought was put into the design by using bright, prism colors, with emphasis on attracting a new generation of Millennials and Gen Z consumers. You’ll be able to choose from innovative colors, such as Ceramic Black and Ceramic White. Other playful color include Canary Yellow and Flamingo Pink.

The Product Design Team were very thorough with every detail for the Galaxy S10, including where to position the front camera to not interfere with the content and how to ensure a comfortable grip.

U.S. wireless companies preparing to roll out 5G networks

We can expect 5G to increase its presence in the United States in the coming months. But according to AT&T, they are the first to currently offer Mobile 5G in 19 U.S cities and reach 1 gigabit per second wireless speeds. The cities with AT&T's mobile 5G service include Austin, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose.

Verizon is on the move as well, with 5G service in Chicago and Minneapolis using 5G-enabled smartphones on their 5G Ultra Wideband network. Verizon has release plans to "launch its 5G service in more than 30 U.S. cities in 2019."

With the Sprint and T-Mobile merger still pending, these companies also have the potential to make great strides with the 5G technology.

The next generation of technology is fast approaching with foldable phones and super-fast networks.