Friday, November 14, 2014

Ready for this: Kapture will save the last 60 seconds of audio

I think I’m going to like the always-on recording technology that’s coming down the pikes, but I’m not so sure everyone else will wave at it, especially if you’re the one unknowingly being recorded.

That’s what Kapture has in mind with their wearable wristband technology that’ll save the last 60 seconds of anything you hear and deem worth saving.

A Cincinnati, Ohio, company has developed a wristband-like device that you simply tap when you hear something worth saving, which will send 60 seconds of the previous audio to your smartphone via Bluetooth. At the point, you can keep the audio file, or “klip,” for yourself or send along to someone else.

The question of privacy immediately comes to mind, as it is common knowledge that the other person should know on the front end they are being recorded. But the developers take on this issue is the Kapture device comes in several bright colors to be noticeable and an indicator light to signal that it’s on or off.

They also suggest “letting others around you know what’s going on.” Hopefully, the person being recorded will be thrilled they said something profound enough to be worth saving. I’m not sure that’ll be enough to satisfy everyone though.

As I see it, the Kapture wristband recorder can also be used for other tasks beside recording another person. It’ll be handy for practicing music, saving your own random ideas, business meetings notes and for us men, the infamous grocery list in your wife’s own voice. That alone would be priceless.

We’ll just have to wait and see how the Kapture device does in the marketplace after an anticipated debut during the month of December.

In the meantime, the Kapture device can be preordered for around $100 now, which is a savings of $50 for early birds who can hardly wait.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

D-Link offers free Wi-Fi cameras giveaway to military families

On this Veterans Day, D-Link is offering free Wi-Fi cameras to military families who have a service member deployed.

The free cameras will be available during “Military Family Appreciation Month” and include a Day & Night Night Wi-Fi Camera and HD Wi-Fi Baby Camera.

According to D-Link, a leader in remote connectivity, the features of the cameras include a live video view of a house via a PC, smartphone or tablet. In addition to night vision up to 15-16 feet and sound and motion detection, the Baby Camera has two-way audio for listening and talking to a child. D-Link hopes these features will provide peace of mind for service personnel based anywhere in the the world.

"We all owe our military families a debt of gratitude for their selflessness and service," said Daniel Kelley, vice president of marketing, D-Link Systems, Inc. "In honor of Military Family Appreciation Month, we're pleased to offer these cameras to military families, allowing mothers, fathers, pet parents, and homeowners to keep an eye on what's happening at home, no matter where they are serving."

To participate, families must submit their story on how they would use the devices, which will allow them to be entered to win one of the 50 cameras. The giveaway is also open to friends of military families, who also are encouraged to to enter on their behalf. Hats off to D-Link for thinking of military families on Veterans Day.