Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Flying car technology gets a nod in Slovakia for mass production

A flying car developed in Slovakia by BMW has been issued the official “Certificate of Airworthiness” and is one step closer to mass production after undergoing around 70 hours of extensive certification testing.

The AirCar’s development included over 100,000 hours of protypes and design testing, which resulted in its first inter-city flight in early 2021. It is a dual -mode model and is powered by at 1.6L BMW engine that demonstrated successful takeoffs and landings, along with stability while in the aircraft mode. The engineering feats accomplished in the development of the AirCar include the automated transition from a road vehicle to an air vehicle, which required the automated deployment of wings and tail.

If all goes well, the flying car team expects to have a new production model certified in 12 months. The final production model is expected to reach speeds of 186 mph with a range of around 621 miles.

Keep you eyes open for flying cars in the near future, maybe within a year in the skies over Europe.

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