Monday, September 21, 2015

Fast charging devices unveiled from mPower Technologies

The next time you have a dead car battery, instead of grabbing the tangled jumper cables from your trunk, you can grab a device about the size of a TV remote from your glove compartment.

The mPower Jump, manufactured by mPower Technologies, has a 600 amp peak-current rating and packs enough power to jump-start most 12-volt batteries in autos, marine equipment, recreational vehicles, ATVs and small tractors.

The 13000mAh battery in the unit will take about four hours to charge and will have a “jump start current” of 300A, while weighing in at 1.52 pounds. The cost is around $100 and is now available.

This company, which is the consumer products subsidiary of mPhase Technologies, Inc., also is working on their mPower FastCharge device/ The unit will have fast charging backup power capability for cellphones, tablets and cameras. According to the company, the device will fast charge in six minutes through a 12V car cigarette lighter.

The 6000mAh battery, with a weight of slightly more than a half-pound, is designed for on-the-go charging of your electronics when no wall power is available.

The new FastCharge will come in multiple color options and retail pricing will be released soon.

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