Thursday, July 2, 2015

Digital forensics courses in data analysis to combat cybercrime

As the world of cybercrime increases on an almost daily basis, the world of cybercrime education is expanding to stop the criminals.

Students attending Salve Regina, a a Catholic institution founded by the Sisters of Mercy 1947, will be able to pursue a concentration in digital forensics with a certificate of graduate studies this fall. These graduate students in the Administration of Justice and Homeland Security program will be trailblazers in the field of cyber criminology.

According to the program director, this new emphasis in cyber education will include skills in data analysis for civil and criminal cases and intelligence and counterterrorism matters. Students will expand their knowledge in analyzing data and utilizing networks, servers and analysis tools.

The courses will be offered online and in special programs designed for the workplace at Salve Regina’s Center for Adult Education in Warwick, Rhode Island.

If cybercrime continues to threaten society, maybe more education in analysis and prevention measures will help to eliminate future cases.

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