Friday, May 2, 2014

Retailer iQ to bring new features to digital coupons, digital receipts

The checkout experience is going to change for shoppers and retailers in the near future.

Coupons have already gone digital and, a digital promotions platform that connects brands and retailers with customers, is taking another step to make this trend even more enticing with their Retailer iQ platform. which is a targeting and analytics interface for grocery, drug and mass merchandisers.

By using digital receipts, which are available as an option at more and more checkout counters, retailers hope to engage consumers and learn more about their shopping behavior. Then we'll start to see personalized recommendations for products, discounts, integrated shopping lists and other digital media experiences.

Walgreens, which is listed as the largest drug retailing chain in the United States, is already on board and began rolling out Retailer iQ earlier this year to more than 8,000 stores. With more than 100 million Balance Rewards members, they now offer Paperless Coupons and digital receipts. Customers also have the capability to clip digital offers and redeem them by swiping their Balance Reward Card at the checkout counter.

The digital receipts will be the key component in the power of the Retailer iQ and as more and more customers elect to receive them, a connection will be established between the e-receipts and digital coupons that can be added directly to the customer's account.

According to, the implementation of Retailer iQ is expected to be announced for four other retail partners before the end of this year.

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