Monday, January 13, 2014

Girl Scout troops embrace mobile app for cookie sales

It's that time of the year for Girl Scout Cookies. My favorite is Caramel deLites – yummy, yummy.

I'm not surprised that technology has made its way to door-to-door cookie sales in the form of an app, COCOMobile, that will help track each girl's sales, progress toward goals, orders and delivery status. The girls will also be informed when they reach a sales incentive when using this free app.

The effort has taken flight on the Verizon Wireless network, as a couple of the Girl Scouts organization staffs in South Carolina have been outfitted with Verizon smartphones and mobile hotspots.

According to Verizon officials, the girls will be able to boost sales by using a Square or Intuit card reader over a smartphone on Verizon's network to let customers buy cookies without cash.

By using the COCOmobile app, developed by Interbake Food LLC, Verizon and Girl Scouts organization are hoping the girls will learn more about about financial literacy and acquire skills that will shape their future.

I'll be able to get my Caramel deLites without cash and I'll try not to eat the whole box at once.

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