Thursday, January 18, 2018

APC UPS Battery Backup offers protection against power outages

An APC UPS Battery Backup offers ultimate protection for those unexpected power outages and guards against abrupt shutdowns and loss of critical files.

APC Battery Backup always on standby

I am all plugged into my APC UPS Battery Backup and ready for the next power outage. Some of my electronics won’t receive an abrupt shutdown as in past instances. A lot of us spends hundreds of dollars on electronic devices, plug them into power strips with surge protection and feel good about our efforts, until the power goes out, causing everything to grind to a complete halt.

During a power outage, there is no time to saved critical files open on your computer or perform a safe-shutdown process. Mobile phones can’t be charged; the electric recliner won’t work; the pod coffee maker is idle.

An uninterruptible power supply, such as the APC UPS Battery Backup, would provide some safeguards for a power outage and allow work to continue for a few hours, or at least provide ample time to safely shut everything down.

The American Power Conversion Corporation, or APC, was established in 1981 and produced its first uninterruptible power supply, also known as a UPS, in 1986. The public company was acquired by Schneider Electric, who is known globally for expertise in the energy management and automation section.

The APC Battery Backup has seven total outlets with three-pronged plugs, with five outlets for backup protection and two providing only surge protection.

APC UPS can provide backup power for several devices

The APC Battery Backup has seven total outlets that’ll accept three-pronged plugs, with five outlets providing backup protection and two providing only surge protection. A 300-watt battery provides backup-power. The unit also contains a 1.5 amp USB charging port for your smartphone during a power outage.

If you’re like most households, a lot of electronic devices will be clustered in one location. A battery backup could protect several devices from an outage, such as a TV, wireless router, DVR, cable box and maybe a stereo tuner.
Another battery backup on the other side of the room could service a lamp, recliner or lift chair, and desktop computer. Yet another battery backup in the bedroom could service medical devices, such as a CPAP machine, sleeping aids or home nebulizers.

When a power outage does occur, the length of time the backup provides power will depend on the normal power consumption of the devices plugged into the battery side of the UPS. The company website can provide more information on calculating run time.

UPS also offers data port interface for PC energy management

This particular backup is designed for 120-volt devices and will not handle 240 volts. If you’re in a region where 220 volts is the standard, anything plugged in the UPS will only receive 120 volts. But a 220VAC version can be specified when placing an order.

The UPS battery backup unit also includes a USB Data Port and cable for connecting to a PC to utilize PowerChute Personal Edition software, which will provide a safe-system shutdown for an extended power outage, along with additional power and energy management features. The software also does periodic battery self-testing and early detection of a weak battery.

The battery is replaceable and some users have reported run times of around five years before needing a replacement. But I imagine the actual battery life would depend on the number of depletions and recharges due to power failures, which would cause the UPS to swing into action. But the normal schedule is to replace the battery every three years.

I’m thinking around $60 would be a good investment to protect your electronic equipment from data corruption and failures caused by abrupt power outages, along with not getting stuck in an electric recliner or needing the assistance of a crucial piece of medical equipment.

The next time the power goes out, you’ll have peace of mind.

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